November’s Top Tech Articles from the IT Industry

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Here are the current technology articles for November!

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Here are current technology articles for November

Ransomware Alert as Emotet Detections Surge 1200%

Emotet, a trojan horse program (malware), has recently seen a significant increase in detections. US businesses may experience cyber attacks up into early 2021.

Using SharePoint’s Alert Me Function

File sharing is an essential function for most businesses. With the Alert Me function, you can set alerts to notify you whenever documents are altered or added. The article gives step-by-step instructions on setting up notifications.

Nintendo asks brands to keep politics out of Animal Crossing

Nintendo recently added a rule to their terms of use for brands. In addition to their usual rules to preserve the “everyone” rating, Nintendo said, “please also refrain from bringing politics into the game.”

Identity Protection: Trust but Verify

Have you heard of MFA or Multi-factor Authentication? Here’s an informative article about how identity theft can impact your company and how MFA can protect your business from cyberattacks.

45 best and coolest tech gifts for 2020

USA Today published its list of highly-desired tech gifts for the upcoming holiday season. Here are their top forty-five gift ideas.

Apple will pay $113 million for throttling older iPhones in the new ‘batterygate’ settlement.

In 2017, Apple was accused of slowing down their older phones to “save degrading batteries” and lost a pretty substantial class action lawsuit. Well, Apple was recently were sued again and settled to pay an additional $113 million.

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