October’s Top Tech Articles from the IT Industry

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Here’s another summary of what’s happening in the technology world this month. Every month, I’m going to gather up my favorite tech articles to share with you. If you have topics you want me to include, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to include them in my research and compiling of articles.

Here are October’s Top Tech Articles

Welcome, iPhone 12! 

This month’s leading tech article is the announcement from Apple, who recently released the iPhone 12, offering four versions this time. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini (available later this year), iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max (available later this year). The iPhone 12 is promoted as the most-advanced phone made. 

Windows 10 users are grumpy over forced updates and unwanted apps.

Previous versions of Windows 10 forced users to make updates immediately-oftentimes, interrupting their workflow. The newest update provides prompts to install or delay updates, which can appear while you’re away from your computer. The results are unplanned updates that can cause users to lose work or disrupt workflow.

A bug in Chromium-based browsers generates random debug files.

Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Edge, and others on Windows 10 reported a bug. It is harmless but could be annoying because it creates a file on your desktop called “debug.log” and will reappear when deleted. There are steps to remove this file, or you can contact Bit Perfection to debug your computer.

Stolen VPN credentials are at the heart of the infamous Twitter hack.

Twitter experienced a pretty substantial hack back in July. The investigation showed Twitter employees were “tricked” into handing over their credentials to hackers who created a fake but authentic-looking VPN login page.

This nasty malware has disguised itself as a Windows 10 update.

A malware campaign is causing disruption worldwide, including in the US. This malware ‘reinvents itself’ as a Windows 10 Update. The malware transfers via email with an attachment claiming to be from Windows to upgrade Microsoft Word. Read the full article for more details. If you are experiencing a malware infection, contact Bit Perfection today.

Exciting things are happening in the tech industry.

From censorship by Twitter to who’s investing in tech, Business Insider compiled an exciting list of 10 things happening in the tech industry this month.

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